About this site

Some time ago I came across an app which presented the top forty UK hit singles for any year across the decades. Playing with it in a moment of self indulgence I suddenly experienced a flashback to one particular year that provoked a number of memories flooding through my head.
I began to search out individual songs on a daily basis and create a nostalgic compilation of the music that permeates the background of my own personal history.
This site is the result of that moment and the serpentine musical journey that it has led me on.

Why start with 1991?
There are certain times in our lives which stand out as being important. For me 1991 was one of those years. Bitter sweet, a time of great joy juxtaposed with great sadness. Some of the music I loved although much of it passed me by. The collection which will appear over the following months will represent a personal selection which permeated everything during this time.